The Best Way to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Right after a break up, some guys will ask themselves: “What can I do to get my ex girlfriend back?” This might mean you if you are still in love with your ex girlfriend. The urge to get back with your ex girlfriends might have started a roller-coaster ride of thoughts, emotions, regrets, and ideas as to what you could have done differently to save the relationship.

Are you worried that there isn’t a true solution to this question? Do you worry that what is done is done and there’s no way she would come back?

You might also be asking yourself… “What could I have done differently? Why did she leave? Could I get a second chance?

In hopes of finding the answers to these questions, you might have ended up doing stupid things-things that only push your ex girlfriend away. And the number one absurd thing is trying to pinpoint the exact reason why the two of you broke up.

To start getting your ex girlfriend back, here’s a few things you need to be aware of…

If there’s one thing you need to know, women are emotional beings. They act based on their emotions most of the time. Don’t be surprised if they suddenly decide to break up with you during a heated argument, it’s their emotions talking. So don’t waste your energy trying to figure out the real reason because you may never find it.

What you need to do is focus on improving yourself so that when the time comes when you have to face your ex, you are a whole new person. Someone, your ex girlfriend can’t resist.

Go out with your friends; meet new people and expand your network. Forget about your ex girlfriend for a while. Take the time to have fun and discover yourself. Find things that you enjoy doing; this will help you become a better person.

Make some changes in your life. Take a couple of months off and distance yourself from your ex. You know what can happen when you disappear from your ex girlfriend’s life-they will wonder about your whereabouts and what you’re doing. They will actually miss you.

Taking some time alone will help you discover new things about relationships. You can use this time to assess yourself as a lover. Were you a good boyfriend? What are the good things you contribute in a relationship?

The more time you have thinking about your attitude towards a relationship, the more you’ll discover about how to better handle it in the future. That way, you will know how to handle your ex girlfriend when you get back together.

This time alone will also help you think clearly. After careful thinking, you will know if you really want to get back with your ex, or if you are ready to move on to another relationship.

When you decide to pursue your ex girlfriend, make sure you proceed with caution. Have a strategy in mind. If you have spent some time away from your ex girlfriend, it’s time to take it to another level. Play a little hard to get. Your ex misses you for sure, and being distant will make her want you more.

Not sure how you can do this?

Being broken hearted, you might find this all quite overwhelming. However, you’ll no longer need to wonder “what can I do to get my ex girlfriend back”, because thankfully there’s a proven system designed to help you step-by-step get her back… even if she’s with someone else.

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Soft Serve – Wooten Park – Tavares, FL
find girlfriend
Image by kuyabic
Soft serve ice cream!

It was a warm day at Wooten Park, which is situated right on the banks of Lake Dora in Tavares and sits next to a train track. I wondered if the track was still in use because it was so close to the park and a line of cars were parked right next to it. In short, yes. It’s still in use.

After the train fiasco, my girlfriend and I entered the park and walked around a bit to familiarize ourselves with the area. We soon found a stage with an audience watching little girls perform Yoga. A group of Taiko drummers took to the stage soon after. We got hungry and totally lunched on a helping of chicken tenders, fries and an Italian sausage dog. Later, we mosied on over to the ice cream vendor. Delicious!

Nikon D40 | 1/4000 | 35mm @ ƒ/2.8 | ISO 200

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