Patching Things Up – How to Reconcile With Your Girlfriend

Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?

Perhaps you have just broken up with your girlfriend and you are now feeling really miserable. You still have feelings for your girlfriend and you really love her. Is it possible to reconcile with your girlfriend? Is it possible for you to get back together with her? Well, most relationships can be saved. As long as you don’t do anything crazy to blow up your chances, there are always things you can do to win her back.

Here are the steps you can take if you want to reconcile with your girlfriend.

1. Take A Step Back

Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to take a step back. You are probably going to find this counterintuitive. But let me explain how it works.

Right now, you are probably thinking about your girlfriend all the time. All you want to do is to contact her and try to convince her to get back together with you. Unfortunately, it can make the situation worse. This is because you are feeling so emotional right now. When you are extremely emotional, you won’t be able to think straight. You may do all kinds of crazy things and your girlfriend will think that you are desperate. As a result, you may push your girlfriend away.

As mentioned above, you don’t want to do anything crazy to blow up your chances. That is why it is a good idea to take a step back for the time being. Cut off contact with your girlfriend for the time being. Stop contacting her for at least 30 days. This will give you enough time to heal and think about your relationship.

2. Analyze The Situation

The next step is to analyze the situation. What causes the breakup? Who is the one who initiated the breakup? Who is at fault? Is your girlfriend dating someone else now? Is your girlfriend in a rebound relationship?

You will need to act according to the situation. Different situation will require different solution. For example, if your girlfriend happens to be in a rebound relationship, it is probably not a good idea to try and woo her back now. Most rebound relationships do not last. Therefore, it is better to wait for the rebound relationship to end before you take any action.

3. Don’t Make The First Move Unless It Is Necessary To Do So

When it comes to getting an ex back, the person who act first is usually at a disadvantage. That is why it is better to let your girlfriend contact you first. This is especially important for the first 30 days after the breakup. If your girlfriend did not contact you during the first 30 days, you will have to make the first move. You can just ask her out for lunch.

After 30 days, you can use this simple method to contact your ex girlfriend again.

This simple method has helped many men get a second chance with their ex girlfriend.

Click on the link below to learn how to use this simple method to win your girlfriend back.


Danbo finds Treasure
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…but treasure is always guarded (didn’t you ever play D&D Danbo?)

Danbo, What is that behind you…Danbo…RUN BUDDY!

Strobist info: SB600 in a reflective umbrella, above and camera right

SB600 with a snoot, top left, both fired via a SU-800.

FYI the box is a puzzle box from thinkgeek. Very entertaining to put some jewelry in it and give it to your girlfriend for Christmas. "You can keep whatever is in it if you can open the box without breaking it"…

Macro Monday Challenge: "Knick Knack", & Nikon Digital SLR Challenge: "Box"

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How to Get an Ex Girlfriend Back -Things to Say to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Things to say to get my ex girlfriend back is what most guys are looking for. Some of you may think that there are magic words to say to an ex girlfriend that you still like in order to get them back. Let me tell you something, I have been writing about relationships over and over again for a long time now. There are no magic words to say to your ex girlfriend. What you need to say to her in order to win her back is not as important as your actions. Ok here are the “things to say to get my ex girlfriend back” and the things not to say to her.

How to get an ex girlfriend back means that you should watch your mouth until she is not your ex anymore. The first warning that many experts give people in your situation is that you must never confess your undying love to your ex girlfriend. This is how it works whether you accept it or not. Now don’t misunderstand me, She is your ex and you probably love her. You don’t want to confess your undying feelings towards her. Don’t say to her that you love her so much. In stead wait for the right time to say this words. Right now you should be focused on attracting her back, Showing her that you are a normal person and not appearing desperate. You see what I am saying?

In stead of talking to her and trying to tell her things that you think she may want to hear..or things that you think will change her mind and convince her to come back, Relax and let your actions speak than your mouth. Change some things about yourself so that she can see how a better person you are for her. If there are things that she used to complain about you, Make some changes about whatever she used to complain about. This works better than promising her that you will change. You see my point? Now I have given you these two warnings, Lets look into what you can say to her in order to attract her back.

How to get an ex girlfriend back means that you should have some sense of humor going on between the two of you. An ex girlfriend will find you a magnet if you make her lough and smile. Be funny, Be confident and and make her lough and she can fall for you again. If you remember any moments on the past that you had fun together, Zoom in into that and make her enjoy the conversation. She may finally see what kind of men she is missing.

Things to say to get my ex girlfriend back is what most guys screw up. In stead of always telling her stuff that bring arguments between the two of you, Just be kind to her and she will appreciate that. You want to tell her things that make her feel that you care and at the same time not appearing desperate to her.

How to get an ex girlfriend back has a lot to do with your actions, Your general impressions than what comes out of your mouth. Tell her positive things and always expect the unexpected. You are dealing with an ex girlfriend here so she may not always welcome anything you do or say to her. As a general rule, Avoid making her not want to talk to you again by being kind and showing her that you care. These are the things to say to get your ex girlfriend back and I recommend that you always tell her positive things.

Before you even speck to your ex girlfriend, You are invited to visit Things to say to get my ex girlfriend back to read more valuable advice from this author. How to get an ex girlfriend back has no magic words. Just tell her normal things and be yourself.Visit links above for resources and specific tips.

An Excerpt
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Image by Viewminder
"When we saw the plane crash my dad let me out of the car to go check it out even though I had to walk about six miles home after that.

Something he’d be arrested for today.

That was the day I decided that I had to become a pilot.

Because the pilot I’d met that day was so cool.

I was maybe eight or nine and I had to trek through about a half a mile of muddy field to get to the plane.

By the time I got there the pilot was gettin’ chewed out by his girfriend and duckin’ flyin’ suitcases and stuff.

He was really happy to see me.

I guess I provided a little ‘diversion’ for him and I noticed his girfriend cooled off right away too… I mean she stopped throwin’ shit at him at least…

although she was still pretty pissed about his losing an engine… his only engine… on the way to their vacation.

She said they’d taken off earlier in Minnesota.

He showed me the inside of the plane and told me how everything worked.

His girfriend sat on a suitcase with her arms folded lookin’ pissed.

That’s how girfriends can be you know?

Dude saved their ass… glides his powerless plane into a muddy field… avoids the powerlines and barely dents that sweet Beech Bonanza… neither of them gets hurt… the guy’s a freakin’ hero…

and she’s all mad at him.

‘We should’ve just drove’ I heard her say… ‘I told you we should have driven.’

If she knew just what he’d done right there… by the time I arrived on the scene she’d have been making voracious love to the guy or otherwise demonstrating her affection for him in a more romantic way.

Bonanza’s are known to glide like a brick when the engine quits.

Her boyfriend done good.

Another hundred feet and he’d have plowed it into a treeline.

I think he deserved a real and sincere and generous ‘atta boy’ at least.

‘If this plane’s a rockin’ don’t come knockin’

She shoudda showed old boy some ferocious love right there I’m telling you.

Then I would have decided to become a pilot the next day.

‘Mom, dad… I’m dropping out of school to become a pilot’ I can see myself saying.

‘But you’re only in the fourth grade’ my mom would say.

‘It’s been my lifelong dream.’

I thought that guy was so cool… I mean… he just crashed a plane and he was talkin’ to me.

He did everything right because he kept his cool.

The only thing he didn’t do right is deal with the girlfriend properly but I didn’t know that then.

Of course now I understand that the proper reaction to the girlfriend would have been to say something like…

‘baby… I know that I’ve just saved us from certain fiery death and everything… but revelling in the moment would be selfish… and even though I’m totally pumped up and all jacked on adrenaline I can feel the emotional disconnect growing between us at the moment… which saddens me more than I’m probably letting on because of all of this excitement… and I really just want to reassure you that I love you and I care about you more than anything in the world… I want you to know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me… even sitting on a suitcase in a muddy field after we just crashed in a plane because of my arrogance and stupidity… that I’m sorry that the airplane’s engine quit… you didn’t deserve to be put through this… you deserve to be flown around in a plane that’s taken care of by a more competent mechanic… and I chose aircraft mechanics poorly and in a way that wasn’t considerate of you… I was wrong… I feel like I let you down… and I don’t like how that makes me feel inside… when the airplane’s engine quit my first thought was you… I was scared that I could lose you… I wanted to discuss how you were feeling inside right then and there but I had to fly the plane… I promised myself that the second we survived this crash that I’d address these issues together with you… that’s why I’m talking to you now… because I’m keeping that promise that I made with myself… I didn’t like how the whole episode made me feel… and it made me feel powerless and vulnerable and I’m going to need time to deal with those issues on my own… and I promise to reach out to a professional for help if I have to… I can understand why you’re angry and you’re right… we should have just driven… I should have listened to you… because every time I fuck up royally it’s you that’s there to tell me what I should have done… and I know it’s because you love me and it comes from a good place in your heart… it’s because you care… not just because you want to change me… I’ll take life more seriously from now on I promise and I want you to know that I’m totally focused on your emotions at the moment if you need to talk about it… just know that I am completely emotionally available to you at this very second… I’m sorry baby… I don’t even care if that piece of shit plane burns with all our luggage in it and I promise to kick that mechanic’s ass next time I see him… I’m just glad that you’re alright… this plane crash has changed me for the better and it’s made me look at everything differently… I feel like a whole new man… I’m so grateful to have you in my life… I promise you that as soon as we get home I will start thinking about all of that shit around the house you’ve been telling me to fix… and I really hope that as we grow old together we look back on this crazy little moment as something that we can laugh about… something that brought us closer together… and made our love stronger… who’s my hot little copilot huh… you are… c’mere you sexy little love nugget… somebody looks like they need a big hug.’

I think that covers all the bases.

Then… just to go the extra mile and because I’m a romantic at heart…

I would have walked back to the plane… grabbed the radio microphone and said loudly enough that she could hear me…

‘Midway Tower this is Beechcraft yadda yadda yadda… I just made that mayday call… I just want you to know that the most beautiful woman on earth… the love of my life and I are on the ground safe and sound… and that I was wrong and I should have listened to her… we’ll be driving next time… over.’

‘Roger that Beech yadda yadda yadda… we’re glad you’re safe and goodluck with the girlfriend… hope you didn’t FUBAR that’ I can imagine the tower would respond.

They should put that in the ‘post crash checklist’ under ‘dealing with your wife/girlfriend after the crash.’

Shit… they should have ‘pilot type’ checklists for girlfriends and wives.

Damn… I could make some money with that idea.

Laminated… with index tabs and everything… bullet pointed issues to address… key words to say over and over again and a sample script tested on female focus groups and approved by psychiatrists, marriage counselors, therapists and divorce attorneys for every scenario.

Things NEVER to say highlighted in red.

Every guy would need a copy of that.

Dealing with womankind without it’d be like flyin’ by the seat of your pants.

My instructor always said… ‘no matter how crazy it gets… stick with the checklist… when the shit hits the fan your head’s gonna be up your ass.’

And he was right.

That dude crashed eight times… flew like a madman-kamikaze wanna be… smoked a pack of Pall Mall filterless cigarettes a day… half of them in the cockpit with me where he’d fall asleep with them burning in his mouth… he drank whiskey straight like water… married an ex-nun and lived to almost ninety.

Lenny Prorok you were the best pilot I’ve ever known and certainly the most fearless.

You did things with airplanes that God, physics and the Wright Brothers never intended… and the FAA certainly objected to.

I miss you.

The guy knew what he was talking about.

If I ever doubted him he’d pull out his original pilots license and show it to me… pointing out that it was signed on the back by Wilber Wright.

Every good argument in the cockpit always seemed to end with ‘see this… this is Orville Wright’s gahdamned signature!’

The guy used to hit me in the cockpit if I messed up.

We flew through some crazy skies together me and that old bird.

Crankiest mofo I ever met.

But the dude could fly.

Man could he fly.

He proved to me that he could land a Cessna 152 in a football field once.

The little move he pulled at the end ‘to clear the goal posts’ he said… that was some scary ass flying.

Wing on a ‘knife edge’ in the craziest sideslip I’ve ever seen ten feet above the ground with the stall warning horn screamin’ as loud as I ever heard it.

That manuever had a ‘pucker factor’ of eleven and it probably took a week for my cajones to relax enough to come out of my esophagus.

I thought that was the end.

Pilots like to use acronyms and rhymes to remember stuff.

I stick with ‘BISYWaR’… busywar… it works in every situation… BISYWaR is an acronym for ‘Baby I’m Sorry You Were Right.’

The little ‘a’ doesn’t mean anything… it’s kinda just thrown in there to make the acronym more ‘wordlike’ and memorable.

The acronym makes sense too.

You don’t use it at the right time… you’re gonna be busy at war.

Put that in your mental pocket guys… right next to the place where you have instant and total recall of the date of your anniversary.

And don’t just use it a lot… use it every chance you get… make it a goal.

No… make it a ‘lifestyle.’

The secret to the phrase’s success is its simplicity and its honesty.

Sometimes a guy is sorry.

Sometimes a guy is sorry his girl is right.

Either way.

I’ve learned since then that women are far more complex than any flying machine ever built.

Even helicopters.

Sittin’ in the pilots seat as the pilot finished gettin’ all of their stuff outta the plane I wondered how I’d have done in the same situation…

would I have kept my cool I wondered…

would I have done everything just right so we could walk away from the ‘forced landing?’

I’m as curious about myself as I am about the world.

It’s all about curiousity I guess.

That’s what it is that I think drives me to get out there and get up close to people on the street.

I’m curious.

I always have been.

I want to know more.

I wanna know about everything.

That’s a good thing I think.

One day I swear I will find out where the marshmellows grow.

Music from Leon Haywood: One of the Founding Fathers of the Viewminder Relationship Institute

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