How to Make My Ex Girlfriend Want Me Back When She’s Found a New Guy

How to Make My Ex Girlfriend Want Me Back When She’s Found a New Guy

Your ex girlfriend is with another man and it looks like the writing’s on the wall. How can you get her back now? You can use Psychological Tricks and Expert Tips to get your ex-girlfriend back – links to a blog on what to do to get effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last paragraph of this article.

It’s actually quite common – for both men and women – to move straight on to someone else after a breakup. They’re called rebound relationships. And there’s a reason for that.

Men date new women to distract them from thinking about their ex and convince themselves (and their mates) that they are moving on.

Women date new men for emotional support at a very unhappy time in their lives.

Many women (and some men) only leave when they have their next love already lined up. And that is actually something in your favour.

If a woman walks out without having anyone to go to, it means she is super independent and confident. These women are much harder to catch, because they won’t settle for less than they want – and they are prepared to do without a love in their life if they can’t get it.

But if your girl has moved on to someone else, then she probably isn’t the type to stand alone for long. And so you have the advantage here.

How to play your cards

You are also at a disadvantage, because in some ways you weren’t meeting her needs. You need to turn this disadvantage back into something positive again.

The fact is that this new guy offered her attention and approval just when she needed it. He is there for her when you are not. But that doesn’t mean her feelings for him will last. In fact, the chances are very much AGAINST them lasting. He is there to cushion the transition for her from being with you to being single. When she is ready, she will move on to someone else.

So how can you make sure that guy is you?

Well, she loved you once, didn’t she? And whatever has gone wrong between you, she still has those feelings inside.

Women live through their emotions in a way that men often find difficult to understand. Think of those romantic novels and films she loves so much. She enjoys them because she sees herself in them; because in her imagination she is living through the characters she is watching or reading about.

So you don’t need to recreate her love from scratch. You just need to revive and restore it in her memory.

But you won’t do that by begging and pleading with her to come back, or by trying to muscle in on the supportive role that this new guy is playing.

Instead you have to write a new story for her – and be the lead character in it – her hero.

In other words, you need to stop playing the supporting role. You need to be in charge; of your own life and eventually of hers too.

What women want

Women want men who can lead, who have ambitions and goals for the future.

Instead of agonising over her, you need to get out there and show her what you are made of. Think of the impossibly debonair James Bond. You don’t have to aspire to be as smooth as he is; the important about him is that he’s a leader, not a follower.

So that’s what you’re aiming for.

Be cool and confident, especially around her
Be unfazed about her seeing someone else
Talk about your plans for the future, but don’t be specific – keep it vague. You are aiming to intrigue her, to make her want to know more
Expect her to follow you

If you don’t feel that you can carry this off yet, then stay away from her until you are in control. Do whatever it takes to make you believe in yourself. Get a new job, work out, give yourself a makeover, have fun, date other women – just keep going until you stop seeing yourself as a failure.

You’re the guy who can make her laugh and who is fun to be with. You are excited about the future and passionate about the things you enjoy. You’re a success.

You are not her new support system – that the other guy’s lot. You’re going to offer her a new, fun, exciting and sexy future, and she’s going to choose to spend it with you.

Are you sometimes baffled about what women really want?

Women’s needs and priorities are not the same as men’s. Find out more about what women want, so that you can plan a better relationship for when you get back together.

It can actually be a good idea to to have some time apart from her for a while. This will give her a chance to miss you, and find out whether she really wants you after all.

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you. There’s Romantic Hint to get back your ex and to make them love you like never before. You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend when you visit these links below at the Authors Bio section.

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you: http://helponhowtogetmyexback.com. There are ways to get back my ex and to make them love you like never before.

find girlfriend
Image by Alexbip
In Morocco, it’s very hard for young couples to find places where they can spend time together. In most of the traditional houses, there are no bedrooms and the whole family stays together in one big living room : forget about your house, and going to your girlfriend’s house is not even an option. In cafés ? Most of them are only frequented by men. In the street ? You’ll have to cope with the burdening look of family/neighbours/peers/society on unmarried couples. In your car ? When you’re a man, being in a car with an unmarried Moroccan woman is strictly forbidden by the law, unless you can justify family or professional links. Of course, you can still treat the cop harrassing you with a small bakchich. In hotels ? Forbidden by the law too…
So there are a few strategic places left, where all the young people meet and the unmarried couples can be together in public without any constraint, spend entire afternoons far from the eyes of the neighbours or the family : In Rabat, these are the beach, the kasbah gardens, the kasbah platform, the mausoleum gardens…
It’s funny to see that many single men go to these places too, even though the probability of meeting other single women there is almost null. Maybe because in those places they can allow themselves to feel blue and romantic, far from the ambient obnoxious misogyny of most of the crowded streets.

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How To Make My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me And Want Me Back

It Is Not Easy To Change Your Girlfriend’s Mind

Perhaps you are trying to convince your ex girlfriend to take you back. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. If you try too hard, your girlfriend may think that you are too desperate. This will cause her to resist your advances. On the other hand, you cannot be too passive. You cannot afford to do nothing about it. Therefore, the key to getting your ex girlfriend back is to find the right balance.

Here are 3 simple tips you can use to make your ex girlfriend miss you and want you back.

1. Action Speaks Louder Than Words

There is usually a reason why a break up occurs. Perhaps there is something she doesn’t like about you. Therefore, you are trying to get her back by promising her that you will change. This is something that most guys will do in order to get back together with their girlfriend.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work most of the time. This is because your girlfriend will find it hard to believe you. She thinks that you will say anything in order to get back together with her. If you want to have a second chance with her, you need to demonstrate that you have really changed with your action.

2. Understand How Female Psychology Works

If you want to increase your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back, you need to learn more about female psychology. When you know nothing about female psychology, it is easy to make all kinds of mistakes when you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back. On the other hand, when you understand how the female mind works, you will know how to make a woman think about you all the time.

Do you want your ex girlfriend to think about you all the time? Well, here is one thing that you can do. You should send her mixed signals about your intention. For example, you can contact her once in a while just to say hello.

Don’t contact her too often. Don’t make it too obvious that you are trying to get her back. If not, you may come off as being too desperate. Sending her mixed signals will keep her wondering about your intention. If she still has some feelings for you, this is a good way to make her think about you.

3. This Is The Only Way To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

If you really want your ex girlfriend miss you, you cannot keep on contacting her. How can she miss you when she is hearing from you all the time? You need to give your ex girlfriend the chance to miss you.

The best way to do so is to cut off contact with her for at least 30 days. This will make her curious about what is happening to you. She will wonder why you are not contacting her.

After 30 days, you can use this simple method to contact your ex girlfriend again.

This simple method has helped many men get a second chance with their ex girlfriend.

Click on the link below to learn how to use this simple method to win your girlfriend back.


Sarah up on the kitchen counter is a pretty common site in our home. With a short girlfriend, it’s good that only things like decorative candles and never used Christmas wine glasses are stored up there.
find girlfriend
Image by colorblindPICASO
Two random shots demonstrating that Sarah still resists my recommendations to grow. These two shots also demonstrate the odd weather we have in Houston. Both were taken in "winter" months. In one she spent most of the weekend in overall shorts, a sports bra, and going barefoot. In the other she’s wearing a tee shirt, jeans, and boots. It is nice to have such consistency in temperature.

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Best Kept Secrets To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Best Kept Secrets To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Regardless of whether you broke up with your partner or it was the other way around, a breakup will always be difficult to go through. There is no easy way around it. The truth is, it can take immense effort to get past a breakup. Nobody likes it, but it’s a situation that many couples experience – sometimes, even more than once. You can use Psychological Tricks and Expert Tips to get your ex-girlfriend back – links to a blog on what to do to get effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last paragraph of this article.

If you find yourself longing to be back with your ex after a breakup but don’t know where to begin, don’t lose hope! The Internet holds some of the secrets to winning an ex back as soon as possible, and in this article, you’ll find some of them.

Whenever something bad happens, one of the most common emotions a person will feel instantly is pity. However, when it comes to a breakup and wanting to get your ex girlfriend back, there won’t be much room for it. As stressful as the experience might have been, you need to realize that, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you should act now and act fast. Be careful, though, not to show your ex that you want her back too soon after the breakup because you don’t want to go in with a half-baked plan.

Give yourself a little time to think about how you will go about getting your ex girlfriend back instead. Avoid communicating with her for the mean time and focus on yourself first. Improve yourself. Go out, work out, and do the things you love to do. Have a good time – you deserve it.

And now that you are single, it’s your chance to spend more time with your friends. You might even run into your ex while out with your buddies. If this happens, then just keep it cool and cheerful. Don’t let her see that you were affected by the breakup in any way. You want to be in control of the situation because you have a plan to get back with her. If she sees you out and about, having fun with your friends, she will surely be caught off-guard wondering how you’ve managed to move on so quickly.

These things will keep you on a high energy level and will get you ready when you finally decide to proceed with your plan of getting your ex back. In fact, after all of this, she might even be the one to get in touch with you first!

Do you struggle to get your ex girlfriend back with you after breakup? Go through the secret techniques and tips in the next page showing you how to you use tiny simple text messages to get your ex girlfriend back into your life within shortest time guaranteed by pushing a few buttons on your smart phone.

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you. There’s Romantic Hint to get back your ex and to make them love you like never before. You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend when you visit these links below at the Authors Bio section.

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you: http://helponhowtogetmyexback.com. There are ways to get back my ex and to make them love you like never before.

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Image by allerleirau
found at a fleamarket

unfortunately I can’t make out the handwriting on the back, only the date: March 13th, 1927

A Single woman’s Facebook plea to find an ‘absolutely stunning’ man she met on a night out backfires when his GIRLFRIEND responds instead

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My Ex Girlfriend Broke Up With Me – How To Make Her Want You Back

My Ex Girlfriend Broke Up With Me – How To Make Her Want You Back

“My girlfriend broke up with me.” You can change this. Learn the specific tricks that will make your ex girlfriend regret breaking up with you. When you understand the female psyche you can make her crazy about you and chase after you again.

There are many reasons why girls break up with their boyfriends. This break out may have taken you completely by surprise, but you do need to face the fact that she ended it for some reason. It is essential that you work these reasons out before you go about making her want you back. Let’s investigate common scenarios that guys have to deal with when they have been dumped and also what you should be doing in each specific circumstance.

Understand Why She Broke up With You In The First Place

If you want to get her back and make her regret her decision to break up with you then you will have to figure out her reasons for breaking up with you. Think back to what she said when she dumped you. What did she say? Did she fall out of love with you or not see a future together? The truth is that she may not have given you honest reasons about the break up. This is why you have to do your own homework and figure out what went wrong yourself and why girls break up with guys.

Think about the weeks and months leading up to the break up and then be honest with yourself. You have to be critical here or you will never be able to start a new relationship that will work. When you start to work at these negative things then you will start to regain her attention and show her that you have changed. You should never have to change who you are for any girl of course, but if you work at some negative parts of your personality or life, it will help you too.

What Will Greatly Enhance My Odds Of Getting Her Back?

Just because someone breaks up with you it does not necessarily mean that they do not love you anymore or that their feelings have gone. As humans we are loyal creatures and the emotional bonds that you from in a relationship last for a very long time. The trick therefore is to get her to think about you positively and remember the magical way that she felt about you when you first started seeing each other. This is not an impossible task, in fact, she is already probably reminiscing about you and misses your relationship together.

You may already feel as though all hope is gone and that she has moved on with her life when you first say to yourself “she broke up with me”. When this happens you should start utilizing the power of some secret reconnection strategies that will bring her back to you easily. You must use them properly however for them to work.

Will She Ever Be Attracted To Me Again?

There is every chance that you can make her want you back. You just have to think back about what attracted her to you in the first place. Getting this step right is crucial to your success, so think carefully about what she loved about you.

Another excellent technique that you should implement is to increase your mysteriousness. You were a mystery to her at the start, long before you both got together. This is why she was highly attracted to you. You have to hold things back from her and make her think about you. When you try to get her attention all the time she will not see you in an attractive light and will probably pity you. You have to stoke her interest in you to be able to be highly attractive to her.

It is also important to realise that each person has a unique break up experience, so you have to follow specific advice to be more effective. Look at the different break up scenarios below so that you can understand what your next moves are for getting back together.

How Do I Make Her Want Me Back?

If you notice that she has started to lose interest in what you do or say then you will have to take some immediate action. The longer you allow things to slide, the worse your situation will become. If you just leave things to chance you can say goodbye to her for good.

Positively speaking, there are many things that you can do to make her want you back and miss you terribly. When you get her in the right mood you will be surprised about how positively she responds to you. This in turn will then push you back together in no time.

To get her back you have to start to behave in a way that surprises her so you will easily gain back her attention and this in turn will start the process to make her want you back.

Your Next Steps

After reading this article you will now realize that there are specific strategies to getting back an ex girlfriend. When you actually make a concerted effort to do something about it and listen to common sense, you will have a high success rate. Allow the professionals to show you exactly what your next steps are. First you will have to find out the clues she still likes you and how to make her miss you. Get started now and you will no longer be saying to yourself “my girlfriend broke up with me.”

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you: http://helponhowtogetmyexback.com. There are ways to get back my ex and to make them love you like never before

Appointment for Sin (1962) …item 2.. When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot — friction-intensive sex (October 31, 2011) …item 3.. My Year in Waxing School (Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at 12:08 PM ET) …
find girlfriend
Image by marsmet525
Nail technicians and skin-care specialists (the salon workers who do the most waxing) earn a mean annual pre-tax wage of ,150 to ,990. This figure doesn’t include tips, which can total another ,430 to ,398—a clear financial incentive to befriend your clients in this service-based, nonreciprocal way.

And yet. When it came to 38, I wanted the cash, not the compliment, to show the value of my abilities. And maybe, to compensate for how she got to leave feeling so clean and sexy—but I could still smell her body on me, ever so faintly, even after I threw away the gloves and washed my hands.

……..***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..

I’m not sure what the phrase “owning your sexuality” means to you, but for me, one thing it entails is responsibility: doing my best to make sexual choices that are sound for me and a partner. (That’s also part of doing consent well.)

If I am offering something sexually light and fun but anticipate that it will be emotionally or interpersonally complex–or if I’m feeling stressed, confused and worried about it–then I can know that easy-breezy is neither what I can expect nor earnestly offer.

…..item 1)…. Ms. Magazine blog … msmagazine.com/blog/

You are here: Home / Health / Can Sex “Just for Fun” Be Emotionally Healthy?

img code photo … Casual Sex …



Can Sex “Just for Fun” Be Emotionally Healthy?
October 11, 2011 by Heather Corinna


This week’s installment of Heather Corinna‘s sex-and-relationships advice column tackles the issue of casual sex.

…Q: So excited for this new blog spot! Can you discuss whether it’s emotionally healthy to have sex outside of relationships? I want to own my sexuality, but all of the advice around me seems to be no-sex-outside-of-relationships-or-marriage. I know this depends on the individual, but any insight would be great! I’ve been toying with asking an ex–whom I am friends with–to have sex just for fun. I’m 98 percent sure he’ll agree, but I am worried about emotional health consequences. He has always wanted a much closer relationship than I do. I’m worried I’ll feel guilty for possibly leading him (or myself) into wanting more.

You’re right: this is a very individual and situational decision. To give some context, a recent study found that, on average, for 20-year-olds, casual sex and committed relationships led to the same level of psychological health. But individuals aren’t averages. Not everyone wants or is comfortable with sex in the same kinds of relationships or scenarios (including committed relationships). Context and interpersonal dynamics factor in, too.

There are some guidelines, however, that everyone can apply. When a sexual situation is likely to be sound, we usually feel good heading into it, as does anyone else involved. If we feel uncertain or predict negative feelings on anyone’s part, those are strong cues not to proceed.

I’m not sure what the phrase “owning your sexuality” means to you, but for me, one thing it entails is responsibility: doing my best to make sexual choices that are sound for me and a partner. (That’s also part of doing consent well.) If I am offering something sexually light and fun but anticipate that it will be emotionally or interpersonally complex–or if I’m feeling stressed, confused and worried about it–then I can know that easy-breezy is neither what I can expect nor earnestly offer.

Even when I’m having sex-for-sex’s-sake–which I would define as sex that takes place outside of a larger intimate relationship, without any agreed-upon, intended or implied commitment–that doesn’t mean I have zero responsibility for my emotional health or that of others. My partner (or wanna-be partner) and I still owe one another respect, care and consideration, which includes considering possible outcomes, even if we don’t intend to be there with each other for them.

It sounds like you’re on board with that, and you’ve already voiced your own sense that this specific situation probably isn’t sound for you or your ex. While he’d likely agree to sex, clearly some of this wouldn’t be fun for him or you, and could be an emotional landmine. While your romantic relationship may be over, you two are in a relationship: you have a history and a friendship, and it sounds like you have strong feelings for and about one another that are not only or primarily sexual. If what you want is just a roll in the proverbial hay, this isn’t likely to be it.

It also sounds like you’ve been curious about sex outside of romantic relationships, but you haven’t felt supported in or exposed to alternatives. So you might also want to give yourself more time to take a bit more stock of what you want and to find people to talk with who aren’t all saying the same things. If that’s not currently available to you, Sex & Single Girls is a great anthology with a diverse array of women writing about various sexual experiences. I also think Jaclyn Friedman’s new book, What You Really Really Want, could be just the thing for you.

My best advice is that you hold out for an opportunity to explore casual sex if and when you feel a lot better about it. That will also likely entail a partner or scenario you don’t feel so conflicted about; that feels more likely to be explosive in the ways you want, rather than the ways you don’t.

Check out last week’s advice about lube blues.

Have a sex, sexual-health or relationships question you want answered? Email it to Heather at [email protected] By sending a question to that address, you acknowledge you give permission for your question to be published. Your email address and any other personally identifying information will remain private. Not all questions will receive answers.
Photo from Flickr user skampy under Creative Commons 2.0.
…..item 2)…. Ms. Magazine blog … msmagazine.com/blog

You are here: Home / Life / When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot

img code photo … lesbian pride …



When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot
October 31, 2011 by Heather Corinna


Q: I’m a 21-year-old lesbian. A problem has popped up in me and my girlfriend’s sex life. When we practice tribadism with just skin, after a while a very small raw spot will show up, bringing with it a sharp pain. Both of us have this problem. Neither of us is clean-shaven, but we do trim–would shaving help? Is there anything else we can do?

A: Ah, friction. Sometimes it feels so awesome. Other times it hurts. Part of what makes genitals so sensitive is that genital tissue is far more delicate than other kinds of skin on our bodies. With genital friction, there’s a tipping point after which a wowie can turn into an owie.

To avoid being rubbed raw, first make sure you and your partner are always very well-lubricated. Lube from a bottle tends to do the job better than our bodies’ lubricant when it comes to friction-intensive sex.

Apply lube before you start and add more as needed throughout. Be generous and don’t skimp.

I checked in with Searah Deysach, the fantastic owner of Early to Bed, to see if she had any specific lube suggestions; she keeps up with brands and types like nobody’s business. She suggested a high-quality silicone lube, such as Uberlube or Sliquid Silver–they tend to be longer-lasting and slicker than water-based lubricants. But if you prefer water-based, she suggests glycerin-free brands such as Sliquid Sea or Liquid Silk (my fave), which are kinder to vulvas and vaginas than those with glycerin.
Searah and I are of one mind about hairy issues. She says, “Hair that is growing back after shaving can be especially irritating, as stubble can be vicious on delicate tissues. “ I agree. Stubble from hair removal is more likely to irritate than the softer pubic hair we tend to have when we don’t shave. If all you do is trim, chances are hair isn’t the problem.

Consider positioning. I’d suggest experimenting with an eye for reducing how much weight is being put on each of your genitals. Try finding ways you can scissor without anyone really being “on top” at all, like lying on your backs toe to head. Searah suggested straddling your lover’s thigh as an alternative. Similar feeling, less pain. If you do like a missionary-style V-on-V position, whoever’s on top can try to balance so less weight rests on the other person’s tender bits–e.g., by bracing their hands on a headboard. Mixing up positions often helps, too. And if and when either of you start feeling raw, don’t keep going with the activity that got you there–take a break from genital sex or at least consider that spot done for the day. If it remains raw the next day, lay off the intense pressure for as long as it takes to heal.

Now and then this still might happen, especially because, when we’re very aroused, pleasure can cause us to space out on signals of pain. But with these adjustments, you can probably make it a rarity instead of a norm.

Check out last week’s advice to a woman whose fiancé monitored her vagina’s size.

Have a sex, sexual-health or relationships question you want answered? Email it to Heather at [email protected] By sending a question to that address, you acknowledge you give permission for your question to be published. Your email address and any other personally identifying information will remain private. Not all questions will receive answers.

Photo from Flickr user Gray Marchiori-Simpson under license from Creative Commons 2.0

Line drawing from Wikimedia Commons.

My Year in Waxing School
Naked people don’t tip well, and more tricks of the trade.
By Virginia Sole-Smith|Posted Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at 12:08 PM ET


The 38th client I worked on at Beauty U. was my first full Brazilian wax—the kind where you remove all (or almost all) of your hair below the belt. I’d waxed many bikini lines and other body parts. I’d also assisted on Brazilians, handing my teachers wax-dipped Popsicle sticks the way nurses hand over scalpels. But now, it was my turn to wield the wax, solo. "I know—I’m a hairy beast!" Client 38 apologized, hopping onto the waxing table, clad in disposable thong. "You have to fix me. I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend."

img code photo … bikini waxing



She spread her legs. I put on some vinyl gloves and worked down and across her pelvis, twirling clumps of hair and trimming them free. You have to trim any hair longer than eyebrow-length to prevent "locking" with the wax. You also have to act like this is normal, even though a part of your brain is thinking, "Pubic hair, pubic hair, oh my God, pubic hair." But I was getting better at trimming, and also at acting. And so clouds of hair piled up on the paper-covered table while 38 chatted about her vacation plans (the Poconos; if she was lucky, a proposal), her C-section scar, and how she liked my red glasses.

The .8 billion business of superfluous hair removal is our most intimate and uncomfortable kind of beauty labor. When I enrolled in a 600-hour aesthetics program at my local strip mall beauty school, I knew the standard feminist rhetoric against hair removal: Women wax because we’ve been culturally indoctrinated to hate our bodies in their natural state. I also knew the women’s magazine defense, that removing excess hair celebrates our femininity and increases sexual pleasure. And I’d been in 38’s position enough to know that waxing can make you feel vulnerable in ways feminists haven’t even considered and hurts more than women’s magazines (or at least, their beauty advertisers) let you believe.

But being on the other side of the waxing table turns out to feel simultaneously more exploitative and more empowering than I ever expected. There is, for example, the moment when your client shuts off from you, closing her eyes to "relax." Your client is in charge, having commissioned you to perform this service. And yet they are also terribly vulnerable, half naked, exposed and—eyes closed—hoping for the best.

After I trimmed, I tested the temperature of the hot wax on the inside of my wrist and painted a stripe along 38’s inner thigh, quickly covering it with a muslin strip. She tensed before I ripped, then relaxed even as her brown skin tinted pink: "That hurt so much less than last time!" I watched some spots of blood well up. "I’m going to have you do my eyebrows, too," she added. And as I waxed my way along the crevice of her inner thigh to some very sensitive parts, 38 closed her eyes, drifting into that blissful state we enter whenever a spa service goes well.

With most Beauty U. clients, I liked offering this respite from their harried lives and from the even more harried relationship they had with their bodies. Before beauty school began, I hoped this body shame part wouldn’t be so true. Instead, I saw women hating their bodies—in subtle ways, like 38’s matter-of-fact "I’m a hairy beast!"—with every spa service I performed. So I saw my role as providing a kind of safe haven of acceptance, where a client could feel comfortable enough to drift away

Two hours into 38’s appointment, I was the one who could not relax. I had waxed right through my dinner break and my back ached from hunching over the table. I removed all the hair 38 had asked me to (all but a delicate landing strip) and cleaned up her brows. I held a hand mirror between her legs, angling it so she could decide if she was satisfied. I’d snipped off her paper thong, so we looked together like those consciousness-raising women’s groups from the 1970s. Only with me still wearing my vinyl gloves, now sticky with a layer of wax.

By that time, I knew that 38 had two kids, was divorced, and was going back to college. I liked 38. I wanted her to enjoy vacation and get engaged and have a good life. But we weren’t friends. There was nothing reciprocal in our conversation. We were taught to avoid sharing personal information about ourselves whenever possible. "Customers don’t care about your life," teachers told us. "They’re buying your full attention." And that seemed to work. Once clients relaxed, they told us all sorts of personal things, like when they next expected to have sex and why their mothers made them crazy. And we learned that letting clients share these intimate details was good for business. "Remember to mention something about them or their life that they’ve talked about previously. Keep notes about each customer on file if you need to," advised one handout. It was much like being a therapist, serving soul and body.

In April, the New York Post reported that "NYC Women are Strangely Bonded to the Beauticians who Wax Their Brazilians," quoting smitten spa-goers who viewed their waxers as surrogate moms. But the story didn’t explain how this one-sided friendship is made all the more awkward by socioeconomic differences. No matter how friendly their relationship, the client still pays and the waxer still needs that money. Nail technicians and skin-care specialists (the salon workers who do the most waxing) earn a mean annual pre-tax wage of ,150 to ,990. This figure doesn’t include tips, which can total another ,430 to ,398—a clear financial incentive to befriend your clients in this service-based, nonreciprocal way.

Before starting, I assumed that most clients tip the industry’s expected standard of 20 percent. They don’t. I wasn’t surprised, for example, when 38 tipped me just (under 15 percent) because we never got big tips when clients got naked. Like johns who mistake their hooker’s acrobatics for true love, clients can put such emphasis on the girlfriend-bonding time that slipping us a wad of cash would destroy the fantasy.

If her tip had been bigger, I would have been more delighted that 38 had taken time to write a "Client Kudos!" card about me: "She was professional and friendly at the same time. … Thanks so much!" She even drew a star on top next to my name. "That makes up for the bad tip," said my classmate Campbell about my Client Kudos. "Look how happy you made her!" Most salon workers say making clients feel good is their biggest source of job satisfaction. But I’m not convinced it’s enough to balance out the often exhausting, difficult, and underpaid labor. No matter how much we liked our clients, we still had to brush stray pubic hairs off our sleeves, pick seaweed-stained disposable thongs out of the shower, and work around the occasional menstruating bikini wax client.

But it’s also true that many waxers find this work empowering because the services require such skill and our clients are so thrilled with the results. Even if we don’t totally return our clients’ affections, we feel a kind of sisterhood with them and our fellow salon workers, because we’re all toiling away together to meet some impossible beauty standard. When Campbell and I practiced our first Brazilian together, she rubbed the back of our "client" (another classmate), singing songs to distract her from the pain. We all traded stories about waxing and then, childbirth—that other time when a woman spreads her legs in pain and the support of other women gets her through.

And yet. When it came to 38, I wanted the cash, not the compliment, to show the value of my abilities. And maybe, to compensate for how she got to leave feeling so clean and sexy—but I could still smell her body on me, ever so faintly, even after I threw away the gloves and washed my hands.

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Psychological Ways To Make My Ex Girlfriend Fall In Love With Me Again – Tips Tricks To Get Her Back

Psychological tricks to make your ex girlfriend fall in love with you again – Here is the simple reason why most men don’t know how to get their ex girlfriends or wives back. They don’t know what creates attraction in the female mind. Your job, look and income is not the main factor why your ex has left you. To make sure that your ex falls in love with you again there are several counter-intuitive rules to follow. In this article I will tell you what do and more important what not to do to get your ex girlfriend back. You can use Psychological Tricks and Expert Tips to get your ex boyfriend back – links to my blog on what to do to get effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last paragraph of this article.

Psychological ways to make an ex girlfriend fall in love – Become attractive again Man are mostly attracted to the psychical appearance of a woman. However the most important aspect of you that created attraction in your girlfriends’ mind was your behavior. At the beginning of your relationship you had some specific traits that she founds attractive. As your relationship progressed you lost some or even a lot of these attractive traits. In fact you replaced your attractive traits with unattractive ones. This is the main reason why your ex does not love you anymore. This can be fixed. Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Tricks To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Get rid of unattractive traits First of all it is crucial that you get rid of unattractive traits. You may have heard about the saying “attraction is not a choice”. This is definitely true because most women do not know why they lost attraction for their boyfriend or man. Here are two common reasons why women do break up. -Insecurity: Insecurity is called the number one attraction killer. You have lost control over your girlfriend so do not try to control her further. -Being clingy: Another big mistake men make is that they spend too much time together with their lovers. So don’t be the first to contact your ex again. Try to apply these tips in your life and your ex girlfriend will fall in love with you again. Tips to make my ex girlfriend fall in love

Become attractive again It’s time to get some dominant traits again.
Psychological tips to make an ex girlfriend fall in love – There were some things that go wrong in your life however perhaps your situation may seem hopeless it isn’t. -Be the leader: The last five – ten years there are a lot of men who are calling them “the new men”. Basically it is a way to say I am more emotional. But at the same time break-ups and divorces are higher than ever and it is not going to change soon. The main basic of being a leader means that you have a plan. Tricks to make my ex girlfriend fall in love
Ways to make my ex girlfriend fall in love – Have a purpose: Become ambitious again and your ex will find you more attractive. There are a lot of things you can do. Go to the gym and become ripped again, if you suffer from overweight try to lose some fat, learn a new language. You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex when you visit these links below at the Authors Bio section.

Forest Kitty
find girlfriend
Image by Severin Sadjina
I’ve tried many things when taking photos of cats. Mostly, I find it to be REALLY hard.

One problem is that they get scared so easily. Actually, they either get scared and run away in the very instant you’re like "YES! That is my shot! …now just hold still…" and want to press the shutter, or they like you so much that they’ll approach you in said perfect moment to cuddle the living bejesus out of you and/or your camera.

Now I somewhat became the official Trondheim Cat Shelter photographer over the past years – or at least one of them. I enjoy being there and I enjoy taking photos for them but it can be so frustrating. I love working with light but it’s hard to do it there. The available light is very low (we’re talking apertures below f/2 at ISO3200) and there is little space for flashes (let alone umbrellas and softboxes) and the cats get scared away easily by a big dude with a big camera and big light stands with flashing thingies and huge umbrellas.

BUT today I think I found my new favorite light tool for cat shelter work: a DIY black straw grid. Gives a spotlight effect and puts the light pretty much where I want it to be. Plus I can use my girlfriend as a voice-activated light stand and that works very nicely cause she’s small and nice and the cats like her 😀

Lighting info
– Key: 1 flash / DIY black straw grid / right, front, above / full CTO
– AL: sun through giant and dense cloud soft box

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Are you surrounded by lovelorn singles, but still can’t seem to make a love connection? Try this.

Step 1: Get involved in campus activities
Get involved in campus activities that interest you. You’ll have fun and meet like-minded people.

Step 2: Multi-task in class
Multi-task in class. If there’s someone you’re interested in, make sure to look nice, try to sit near them, and come up with an excuse to talk to them.

If you’re interested in someone who belongs to a fraternity or sorority, make sure to attend all of its open functions.

Step 3: Throw a ‘potluck’ party
Throw a “potluck” party at your dorm—only guests have to bring a savory friend rather than a dish.

Step 4: Vary your routine
Vary your routine. If you always eat lunch at the same time and always walk the same route to class, you’re going to see—yup—the same people every day.

Step 5: Strike up conversations
Strike up conversations. Imagine how many hook-ups never take place simply because both parties were too shy to say something.

Don’t only chat up people you’re attracted to—you know never who might have a cute friend they could introduce you to!

Step 6: Get real
Get real. Trophy wives aside, most people marry someone of about the same attractiveness. So if you’re no Angelina Jolie, don’t pin all your hopes on Brad Pitt, and vice versa.

Step 7: Transfer to Seattle
If all else fails, transfer to Seattle. One study rated it the number one place to hook up out of 80 cities in the U.S.

Did You Know?
A study of speed daters showed that women are much choosier than men when it comes to dating.


How To Make My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me And Want Me Back – It Is Easier Than You Think

How To Make My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me And Want Me Back – It Is Easier Than You Think

Want to know how to make her miss you and want you back? Find out exactly what you have to do and say to make her miss you and want you back again here. We will give you some proven techniques that actually turn your whole situation around and make her miss you like crazy and want you back.

Changing her thoughts about you

Making your ex girlfriend miss you is the best thing that you can do to get her back. When you think about it from a psychological perspective you will understand how powerful it is. We all value that which is rare, the same goes for human beings. If you are not always around then she will start to see you differently and her thoughts about you will change too. If you manage to put some space between you both after the break up, she will soon start to miss you, a lot quicker than she expects too.

Act differently to how she expects you to

If she is the one that broke up with you, she will probably be expecting you to act in a certain way. The fact is that she will be relying on you feeling a certain way about her. If you do not give her the satisfaction of pining for her and chasing after her, she will be stumped and have to reassess your relationship. When you surprise someone, especially after such a close relationship, they will suddenly be interested in you again, because they will be struggling to work out your actions. This mysteriousness and confusion are then the secret of making her want you back. They are very attractive traits, particularly in the eyes of a female.

Control your emotions

This may all sound very confusing to you, the female mind is! The important thing that you have to remember though is that you should fight your emotional reactions after the break up and stop yourself from contacting your ex girlfriend. You have to be strong and show her that you are worth taking back, not a needy wreck who has no direction in life without her. Also, do not do what she expects you to do and plead for her to reconsider, you have your self respect and she will not view you favorably if you do this either.

If you want to use the techniques on how to make her miss you properly you will have to show some restraint here. She does not want to see you blubbering or pleading on her to give it another shot. Reverse the roles here for a second and think about how it would look to you if she did this – unattractive and desperate right? Keep this in mind when you next feel like contacting her or telling her how you feel.

Fight the temptation to get in touch with her

She will be expecting you to contact her in some shape or form after the break up and this will give her satisfaction as she knows that you still have feelings for her. Instead of letting this happen you should make her work for your attention instead. This can swing the whole situation in your favour and make her be the one who is chasing you. To do this you will stop all forms of contact with her and drop off her radar for a while.

She will secretly be looking out for you and trying to see how you are after the break up, this is only natural. If you take yourself away from her then she will have to fill in the blanks herself. You want to seem like you are busy and that you have better things to do with your time than contact her. She will also me much more likely to contact you when you do this and ask you how you are doing.

What to do when she gets in contact with you

I’m not saying that you should completely ignore your ex girlfriend if she gets in touch with you, this would be rather stupid and give her the idea that you are not interested or are being childish. Instead, if she does happen to text you to say that she misses you or just to enquire about you, you should be pleasant and answer her questions, but not go into detail. You should also be positive and try not to convey any bitterness or depression, the same goes for being too keen too. It is best not to ask her any questions in response or encourage further discussion. You should keep it short and positive and not reply straight away. You will then know that she really is missing you if she continues to contact you after this. That is when you can start winning her back.

It is ironic that the main secret of making your ex girlfriend miss you is to do very little at all. Sometimes this is the case. You will in fact end up reversing the whole break up and make it similar to how it was when you first met. Your lack of contact and increasing mysteriousness will spark attraction in your ex girlfriend again, this will in turn make her want you in a romantic way.

Your Next Steps

This is the main thing that you can do to get her back, but there are so many other things that you can do and this is just the start of your journey. You will need to work out signs that she wants you first of all and from there you can implement very effective strategies to make her want you back. If you are friends with your ex girlfriend we will also teach you how to get out of the friend zone and why being friends with ex girlfriend is a bad idea if you want to win back her heart.

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you: http://helponhowtogetmyexback.com. There are ways to get back my ex and to make them love you like never before

Foot and toe stretches continue. This time Sarah has added poster tube balancing to the act. You should see how she gets ready to go kick boxing!
find girlfriend
Image by colorblindPICASO
She really only runs into problems with the kickboxing warm-up routine when she can’t find a pineapple, fabric softener sheet, and pint of virgin blood.


4 Established Techniques To Win Your Girlfriend Back

Did you and the girlfriend call it quits and you are thinking you would like to find out how to win your girlfriend back? Truth be told, there actually is not a great deal that is really unachievable once you thoroughly set proper energy into it. Overall you will discover four strategies that I’m planning to reveal below that you may use to get the attraction back and draw your girlfriend back to your life. So, let us jump in:

Be mindful to win your girlfriend back

The very first guideline is that you prove to your ex-girlfriend you treasure her to get her love. This does not imply you attempt to be “too nice” to your ex-girlfriend, on the grounds that this may simply give her the impression that you’re not really genuine in your activity. This can only make your girlfriend wish to get even further away from you. It is actually much better that you do it in a enjoyable way by protecting your dignity and self-respect.

Never get yourself a new girl to win your girlfriend back

The next thing you completely do not want to do is to cheat. By no means ever fool around behind her back as this tends to really damage her hope in you. When the trust is destroyed it requires a lot of time to recreate it again. For those who honestly expect to win your ex-girlfriend back then do not attempt to make her get green with envy by finding a new girl. More often than not, most women can’t deal with the idea of a different girl with their boyfriend, so ensure that you don’t mess around with some other girl if you are serious about getting her back. Women may not ever choose to get back together with those guys who’ve fooled around behind her back before so take care not to do this.

Increasing your style to win your girlfriend back

It’s key that you must focus on your personal tendencies and remove the things in your life that significantly upset your ex or triggered several fights for you two. It can be excellent to work on yourself to grow into a charming and generous gentleman as a whole. Women are attracted to men who’re nice and cheerful. They always seek out those that make them giggle and care for things without them having to ask. If you take into account that she hated a particular characteristic or behavior in you then try your hardest to cease doing it. This can prove your committment to her. You do not have to tell her directly, let her figure it out and she will be much more pleased.

Improve your looks to win your girlfriend back

The fourth technique made to certainly yank your ex back is to look at increasing your own physical appearance and to become more attractive all around. If called for enroll in a gym and put on some muscle mass. Its not mandatory to turn yourself into a body builder, but it will do a lot with your ex-girlfriend when you at least make it appear like you are striving to appear nice. It is crucial that you choose to manage your health and put in the time to appear nice if you would like your girl back.

These techniques can definitely offer another shot you should take advantage of to win your ex-girlfriend back. Make certain you do not come across as too eager over the full operation otherwise you may well spoil your chances for yourself. Test these established techniques and you can certainly get what you want. Just have confidence in yourself and your ex-girlfriend will inevitably figure out she made an error.

If you found this article helpful and want to learn more ways to save your relationship, check out Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back and Get Back My Girlfriend.

my bike on the snow
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Image by adamscarroll
also here

How To Ride A Bike: Notes on Winter Cycling from Russia

Here, it is cold.

You complain about the cold, but here, it is colder. I live in St. Petersburg, which is pretty cold, but everybody else in Russia lives some place even colder.

Step 1 to staying warm while winter cycling- never forget that in Syktyvkar, it is colder. In Shchuchinsk, it is colder. In Novosibirsk it is colder. Are you not lucky that it is only -15º C?

Step 2 is true everywhere- wear lots of clothes. You do not need special clothes. Just lots of them. Wear underwear, long underwear, extra socks, shirts, sweaters, coats, overcoats, hats, scarves, mittens, gloves and more. Most of my winter clothes are made of wool. It helps if you have something windproof on the outside. When it is -25º C, your nose hairs freeze as soon as you step outside, but the rest of your body is nice and warm, sealed up like a cosmonaut. Once you start pedaling, your woolen cocoon begins to heat up, everybody you know is literally freezing to death in the street like during the blockade, and you will be sweating.

Those are the two simple steps to staying warm.

Here there is snow, sometimes a lot of snow. Does it still snow in America? When there is snow here, it does not get cleaned up very quickly. It becomes muddy and slushy, and then, at night, freezes. That is the worst. Since there is a lot of ice here, I use studded tires in the winter. If your roads are clean, you do not need them, although you should consider replacing your 23cm racing slicks with as wide a tire as possible. Wider tires can be run at lower pressures, which will help you stay balanced on packed, uneven snow.

If it does not snow in New York anymore then you can ride any bike all year long, really. Even if you only have snow for a week you can probably deal. But we still have snow and ice in Russia, so I use studded tires. When you have your first snow storm of the decade and everybody freaks out, do not run to the store and buy studded tires, that is embarrassing. In two days your well-run public services will probably have cleared the roads anyway. I hear that you have separate lanes for bicycles, how quaint.

In the winter, it is really gross and there is snow and shit, and they put salt and other crap on the road that is rather corrosive. Because of all that, I leave my favorite bike at home and ride another one that is already a piece of shit. It is a KhVZ Ukraina made in the USSR in the mid eighties from war surpus tank parts (tanks were made of bicycles during perestroika). It has 26” mountain bike wheels, really wide handlebars, big fenders, and nothing else. If you do not have room or time or whatever enough for another bike, no big deal. Just ride the one you already have. Learn how to lube your chain (http://www.sheldonbrown.com/chains.html/), consider getting some lithium grease and learning how to overhaul your bottom bracket and hubs (http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tooltips/hubs.html). The salty snow sludge that sticks to your bike will eat through the grease on your bearings; in Russia I expect to overhaul them at least twice every winter. Snow sludge will also rust your frame if your bike is made of steel and the paint is not 100%, so wipe it down periodically.

Riding a bike in winter is just like riding any other time of the year, except for under specific circumstances. When streets are icy or thickly packed with snow, you may have trouble getting traction from your rear wheel, resulting in fishtailing. In the fairer months I prefer to ride a geared bicycle, but during the winter, I find that a bicycle with a fixed cog and a low gear ratio can be very practical. My winter bike is a 16-42 fixed gear. Because there is no freewheel to disengage, traction is constant. The low gear ratio keeps me from going to fast. No matter what you ride or drive in the winter, you should probably be going slower anyway. In russia we say “tyshe edesh’, dal’she budesh’” – the slower you go, the farther you’ll get.

Since I ride so slowly and St. Petersburg is flat I feel comfortable relying on my drivetrain to brake. In the past, I rode a geared bike in the winter- it had caliper brakes. On one particularly awful day, when the sun had not risen in several weeks, my brake calipers got frozen open. I thought the cable was snapped until the brake suddenly clamped shut. Then, the friction from the brake pads melted the snow that had been collecting on the rims. Then, after a few minutes, that melted snow refroze on my rims, which became too slippery to brake on. Derailleurs are sort of the same way in the winter- just one more part to freeze or get jammed with ice or snow. If you can get rid of them until the spring, you will be better off.

If you are going to use a rim brake, choose cantilever brakes. In the depths of winter, use your rear brake. Relying on your front brake (as you should in the warmer months when the roads are clear) can lead to fishtailing if there is lots of snow or ice underneath your rear wheel.

The wind is the worst. In the winter, the wind always knows which way you are trying to go. It knows because it blows in the opposite direction. In the winter the wind is always hurling snow and sleet and icicles and muddy trash and other crap, literally sometimes human waste, right in your face. You will look stupid wearing ski goggles, but on certain days, you have to. If there is a blizzard, you and every other idiot trying to go vote or wherever it is you Americans do should probably just stay home.

Buy really bright bicycle lights. In Russia, the sun rises at 10:00 and sets at 15:00. Bright front and rear lights might be the only light you encounter for months. Also they may help to prevent early death, although if the cars do not kill you, exposure to the elements or dehydration probably will.

Why ride a bike in the winter? Basically for the same reasons as the rest of the year. If you want to impress your friends and coworkers, ice biking will give them the impression that you are reckless or crazy- commendable traits to many Americans. If you are poor, winter cycling is cheap (it will not make you richer). If you like the environment, you will have the opportunity to meet mother nature’s capricious side; perhaps you will enjoy it. It is similar to the way your girlfriend is most sexy when she calls you a dickhead and throws something at you. If you are training for the apocalypse, good luck. More than likely you will decide that survival is not worth it. Personally, I ride my bicycle to avoid the sticky mass of human bodies that clogs up public transportation from late November until early March. I would sooner ride a snow shovel to work then spend half of my day underground being fondled on the metro. Regardless of why you do it, enjoy yourself- it will always be worse next winter! Udachi!


How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back After Telling Me She Needs Some Space

How can I get my ex girlfriend back when she needs space? Probably the biggest question guys ask themselves, especially with women-led breakups, because most involve something to do with needing more space. If she is telling you she needs more space in the relationship, she is indirectly telling you she is unhappy with the relationship. This is a common answer given during a breakup, and is usually used to avoid speaking about what is really going on. You can use psychosomatic and expert Tips to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back in your life; more effectual information ways at the end of this article.

When a girl, unfortunately, says she wants space and decides to end the relationship, she is often saying she does not want to be with you, and really does not want to expend the effort to help you understand what’s going on in her mind.

Something is usually wrong in the relationship when a woman asks for space. Rather than help you figure out the issues and get the relationship back on track, they would rather walk. If you ever find yourself asking “how can I get my ex girlfriend back when she needs space?” this is a positive indication that you want to make things better in the relationship and that you still have hope.

It is a pretty clear cut indication that the communication between you has broken down if she needs space. You need to get into her mind and find out what is really bothering her, if you sincerely want to get the relationship working again. Often, this becomes difficult because for whatever reason, she has shut you out, but if you persist you will figure it out. With so many guys asking “how can I get my ex girlfriend back when she needs space?”, it appears to be a common phenomenon and it does have a solution.

If you are trying to rekindle your relationship with your ex girlfriend who is telling you she needs space, just find a way to communicate with her. She will often just be using the needing space story to let you know something is wrong with your relationship with her, and if she will not talk about it, it has to be addressed eventually. Just give her gentle hints you want to still be with her.

Just simply offer to remain a friend and offer companionship, and see how she responds to that. Do not force yourself on her. When she gets comfortable with this friendship, just start slightly inquiring about what went wrong in the relationship; subtle hints are all you need in your conversation with her to find out.

She will open up on her own time, when she is good and ready. Never rush or force things, just use a slow and easy approach and let her find the best way to say what happened. Once the issues are exposed, this gives you the opportunity to resolve them and you get your ex girlfriend back.
Once you feel loved again, you will be glad you made the effort. Even more effective tips when you Visit these links (Authors Bio section) underneath.

Did you hear what I said? I *hate* purple! I’ll bet you gave this iPhone to your last girlfriend…
find girlfriend
Image by Ed Yourdon
(more details later, as time permits)


About a year ago, I created Flickr album for photos that I had started taking with my iPhone5s; and now I’m creating a new Flickr album for photos that I’ve begun taking with myiPhone6, which just arrived from T-Mobile this morning.

In last year’s album, I wrote, "Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, it’s hard to walk around with a modern smartphone in your pocket, and not be tempted to use the built-in camera from time-to-time. Veteran photographers typically sneer at such behavior, and most will tell you that they can instantly recognize an iPhone photo, which they mentally reject as being unworthy of any serious attention.

"After using many earlier models of smartphones over the past several years, I was inclined to agree; after all, I always (well, almost always) had a “real” camera in my pocket (or backpack or camera-bag), and it was always capable of taking a much better photographic image than the mediocre, grainy images shot with a camera-phone.

"But still … there were a few occasions when I desperately wanted to capture some photo-worthy event taking place right in front of me, and inevitably it turned out to be the times when I did not have the “real” camera with me. Or I did have it, but it was buried somewhere in a bag, and I knew that the “event” would have disappeared by the time I found the “real" camera and turned it on. By contrast, the smart-phone was always in my pocket (along with my keys and my wallet, it’s one of the three things I consciously grab every time I walk out the door). And I often found that I could turn it on, point it at the photographic scene, and take the picture much faster than I could do the same thing with a “traditional” camera.

"Meanwhile, smartphone cameras have gotten substantially better in the past few years, from a mechanical/hardware perspective; and the software “intelligence” controlling the camera has become amazingly sophisticated. It’s still not on the same level as a “professional” DSLR camera, but for a large majority of the “average” photographic situations we’re likely to encounter in the unplanned moments of our lives, it’s more and more likely to be “good enough.” The old adage of “the best camera is the one you have with you” is more and more relevant these days. For me, 90% of the success in taking a good photo is simply being in the right place at the right time, being aware that the “photo opportunity” is there, and having a camera — any camera — to take advantage of that opportunity. Only 10% of the time does it matter which camera I’m using, or what technical features I’ve managed to use.

"And now, with the recent advent of the iPhone5s, there is one more improvement — which, as far as I can tell, simply does not exist in any of the “professional” cameras. You can take an unlimited number of “burst-mode” shots with the new iPhone, simply by keeping your finger on the shutter button; instead of being limited to just six (as a few of the DSLR cameras currently offer), you can take 10, 20, or even a hundred shots. And then — almost magically — the iPhone will show you which one or two of the large burst of photos was optimally sharp and clear. With a couple of clicks, you can then delete everything else, and retain only the very best one or two from the entire burst.

"With that in mind, I’ve begun using my iPhone5s for more and more “everyday” photo situations out on the street. Since I’m typically photographing ordinary, mundane events, even the one or two “optimal” shots that the camera-phone retains might not be worth showing anyone else … so there is still a lot of pruning and editing to be done, and I’m lucky if 10% of those “optimal” shots are good enough to justify uploading to Flickr and sharing with the rest of the world. Still, it’s an enormous benefit to know that my editing work can begin with photos that are more-or-less “technically” adequate, and that I don’t have to waste even a second reviewing dozens of technically-mediocre shots that are fuzzy, or blurred.

"Oh, yeah, one other minor benefit of the iPhone5s (and presumably most other current brands of smartphone): it automatically geotags every photo and video, without any special effort on the photographer’s part. Only one of my other big, fat cameras (the Sony Alpha SLT A65) has that feature, and I’ve noticed that almost none of the “new” mirrorless cameras have got a built-in GPS thingy that will perform the geotagging…

"I’ve had my iPhone5s for a couple of months now, but I’ve only been using the “burst-mode” photography feature aggressively for the past couple of weeks. As a result, the initial batch of photos that I’m uploading are all taken in the greater-NYC area. But as time goes on, and as my normal travel routine takes me to other parts of the world, I hope to add more and more “everyday” scenes in cities that I might not have the opportunity to photograph in a “serious” way.


Okay, so now it’s September of 2014, and I’ve got the iPhone 6. They say that the camera is better, and that the internal camera-related hardware/firmware/software is better, too. Obviously, I’ve got the newer iOS, too, and even on the “old” phones, it now supports time-lapse videos along with everything else.

I’ve still got my pocket camera (an amazing little Sony ERX-100 Mark III), and two larger cameras (Sony RX-10, and Sony A7), but I have a feeling that I won’t even be taking them out of the camera bag when I’m out on the street for ordinary day-to-day walking around.

That will depend, obviously, on what kind of photos and videos the iPhone6 is actually capable of taking … so I’m going to try to use it every day, and see what the results look like …

Like I said last year, “stay tuned…"

This video was requested by a subscriber on Instagram. These two methods are the methods I used to catch my GF who had cheated on me.

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Indication That Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend Desires You Back What To Say And Do

Indication That Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend Desires You Back What To Say And Do
At the present, Your ex try to influence you that they’re just being friendly and making discussion – but the reverse is indeed true. If your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend begins enquiring you questions about your love life, it’s because they’re scared of losing you for good – and they’re considering out their options in case they decide to take conclusive action one way or another. In this article I have written ideas from me on what to do about reconciling with your ex, but you can use Psychological and Expert Tips to get your ex boyfriend back – links to my blog on what to do to get effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last paragraph of this article.

Your Ex Manner Takes a Drastic Turn
When your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend begins to reconnect with their buried or hidden emotions for you, their manner is likely to take a dramatic turn for the better. Preceding to this change in perception, they may have treated you taciturnly – like you were a foreigner passing on the street – not like somebody that used to be intimately acquainted with their deepest ins and outs. Then something changes. You don’t see why or how – but your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend begins warming up to you again. They may even appear to be nearly flirty. In order to encourage this kind of conduct, don’t question their motives unswervingly. Fairly go with the flow and take things as they come – the more positive your response, the more possible they are to continue this increased flow of development and open up to you more and further in the process.

Your Ex Calmly Mention Dating in Passing
Now, You by no means thought that you’d hear your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend talk about getting back together in passing. In truth, they’re not. They’re playing it off like a joke or a theoretical “what if”. You know them well enough to recognize the nature of their game. They’re not beating around the bush for naught – they have something more interesting in mind that solely rolling through a variety of “what if” scenarios with their Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend. They’re interested in something much more. Inspire this kind of game by playing alongside. Don’t make any overtures or unconcealed moves during this critical part of the process. Allow it roll off, but contribute. Play the game by their rules – at least for now. Flirt back with your ex. Allow them know that you’re on board – but only if they’re willing to take the next move.

See to any of these signs your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend desires you back apply to you? When so, it is time to take things to the next phase and make a reunification possible.

Next Moves
Now, You undoubtedly have a better idea of where you stand with your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend. Nonetheless what are you going to do with this information? When you surely want to get your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend back and have a fresh relationship with them it is time for you to take action. Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend is visibly not budging or making a move despite their feelings, so it is up to you to inspire them in that direction whilst still saving face.

You had better be using the medium of social media to reignite desire between you both and make your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend want to grasp out to you again. It is actually kind of easy once you identify what you are doing. You can turn social media into a really powerful tool to make your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend want you with these influential strategies.

You likewise need to ensure that the contact that you have with your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend is working correctly to create desire. Find out additional info about contact with your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend after a break up and how to pull it off.

You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex when you visit these links usually below or at the Authors Bio section.

Half frame portraits
find girlfriend
Image by Emanuele Faja
We took a small family trip out earlier this year on a Sunday. My dad, my mum, my girlfriend and I. We got on the wrong train and ended up at Termini Imerese which is about 50km east of Palermo, Sicily. When we arrived we found that in the centre of town there was a vintage car show! This was my first ever roll shooting a half frame camera, the Olympus Pen Ees-2. Lovely little camera from the ’60s… just like some of these cars!
It’s quite strange shooting a half frame camera at first because when you hold the camere in a normal position the picture you see through the viewfinder is a portrait. I guess it makes one think a bit! That’s my dad and my girlfriend 🙂 I quite like using this Half Frame camera for portraits. It allows one to comfortably shoot near your subject and get a portrait orientation. It’s also nice that it has a large depth of field (I usually isolate my subject from the background) so that the background is still somewhat in focus. I think it can make for some interesting shots.

[Olympus Pen Ees-2 + Kodak Gold 200]

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How Do I Win Back My Ex Girlfriend?

Got dumped by your girlfriend? You’re not alone. Break ups happen all the time – but it’s what you do next that defines the outcome. If you’d like to work toward getting back together with your ex, it’s important to find out which techniques work for your own unique situation. Doing the right thing can make the difference between getting your ex back or sending her running in the opposite direction.

Every single time a relationship ends, you’re faced with the same two choices: move forward, or try to fix what’s broken. Almost every guy in the world tries to get their ex back at one time or another, and some of them even succeed. But the ones that fail? They moved too fast, acted too hastily, or made poor decisions when it came to choosing the right method. You’ll never get your her back unless you can calm down and start thinking rationally – with your head and not your heart.

“So how do I win back my ex girlfriend?”

There are many different ways to make your ex want you again, but the techniques below will give you a pretty good head start. Don’t just read them… understand why they work, and how they apply to your own break up. Once you do, you can use the lessons learned here to improve the situation with your ex.

Stop Everything and Step Back

As soon as your relationship ends, you’ll think your exgirlfriend is deadset on moving forward without you. This isn’t always the case. Many times a girl breaks up with you but still has strong feelings for you, yet the one thing that’s always the same is this: your ex will watch you carefully for your reaction to the break up. How you conduct yourself in the days just after she ends things will either make or break your chances of getting her back in your arms again.

Getting back your ex requires you to stop everything and take a big step backward. The best way to move on right now is to accept what happened for exactly what it is: a break up. Your ex dumped you, and you’re now single. Trying to fight it, argue against it, plead or beg for your relationship back won’t help. In fact, it’ll hurt more than anything else right now. Your ex won’t want you back if she doesn’t respect you… so don’t throw away her respect by groveling. Ditto for getting angry, bitter, or raging against the break up. All of these things make you seem jealous and desperate, and they’ll hurt your chances of reconciliation.

Keeping calm and cool are two of the best ways to handle the entire situation. Do this, and you’ve already taken a big step toward getting back together with your girlfriend.

Accept Your Break Up

When she breaks up with you, your girlfriend will prepare herself for what you might do. But you know what she doesn’t expect? No reaction at all.

Imagine your exgirlfriend’s shock and surprise when you listen to what she has to say… and then nod your head in agreement. “Yes, things have been pretty bad between us. Maybe we should break up.” Her jaw is going to hit the floor before that last sentence leaves your lips.

Accepting the fact that your ex has chosen to end the relationship gives you a tremendous advantage over those guys who fight their girlfriends’ decision by kicking and screaming. You’re agreeing with her, which puts you directly in line with her thought process. She’ll have all these counter-arguments prepared to use against you… and yet she’ll need none of them. Because you’re shrugging your shoulders, saying “okay”, and walking away with your dignity (and her respect) intact.

And if you’ve already broken up, and think it’s too late? You’re dead wrong. It’s never too late to let your ex know you’ve finally accepted the break up. There are some really good techniques for getting indirectly in touch with her, to show her that you’ve reached this point. Learn what they are, and use them if your break up is already more than a few days old.

Disappear and Break Contact

In asking yourself how do I win back my ex girlfriend, you should also be asking how quickly you want to do it. If you want to get your ex back fast, you’ll have to learn the golden rule: make her miss you, and she’ll want you back. To do this, you first must disappear. Your ex can’t miss you if you’re always around, which is why the sooner you can drop out of sight the faster you can work toward getting back together with your exgirlfriend.

Not contacting your ex in any way means just that: no emails, texts, phone calls, or social network communication. When you take yourself away from your ex girlfriend’s world, she starts to wonder where you are. This is when your ex will miss you. This is when she’ll start looking around, maybe even thinking up reasons to get in touch with you again. The no-contact approach works because of one simple fact: your ex girlfriend never expected to lose you completely. She was looking forward to letting you go little by little, bit by bit, staying connected on some friendly, social levels while she decided what she wanted to do next. Having you “still there” was an important part of her comfort level. And when you’re utterly gone? She’s going to become very uncomfortable, rather quickly.

Are you over the relationship? Do you still love her? Did you find somebody else? Why haven’t you tried to contact her? These thoughts will fill her head and make her thoughts spin in a matter of days, not weeks. Every girl who dumps someone still wants to know what they’re up to… your ex wants to see you upset that you lost her, not “okay” with the fact that you’re no longer dating. Leaving her alone makes her lonely. Not getting in touch with your ex rattles her out of the comfortable little break up nest she spent so much time building. The thought of completely losing you all at once will make her question the break up, or even reverse her decision to end things. Make sure you fully disappear, in order to pull this off correctly.

Contact Your Ex Girlfriend

You never want to take this step too early, but you should know when enough solo time has passed between you. Reconnecting with your ex at this point is a lot easier than it would’ve been right after she broke up with you. By now you have your own life, and more importantly, your own mysteries that she knows nothing about. If you broke contact correctly, your ex will be dying to know what you’ve been up to. Women are, above all else, insanely curious. Hearing from you at this point will be very welcome to her.

There are ways of reestablishing a connection with your ex girlfriend, but even better there are ways of getting your ex to contact you. “How do I win back my ex girlfriend?” by learning the techniques and methods that are most successful for reconnection, and then applying them to your own situation. Once you’ve started talking again, you can move onto the next phase of fixing your break up: setting up the reunion date.

Meeting Your Ex For The First Time

By the time you’ve arranged to see your ex again, the two of you will be in a totally different place then when you first broke up. Since you’ve taken some time apart, you’ve hopefully both had the chance to view things from each others’ perspective. By stepping into your ex’s shoes, you can see how she viewed your old relationship, and understand what was wrong from her point of view. This is crucial to getting back together again.

Seeing your ex again should be something you both look forward to. Pick a place that she likes, or one that’s close to where she lives or works. Make it casual, and easy – like a lunch or coffee shop. Dinner is too heavy, and you don’t want a very long date for the first meeting. If you remember only one thing, let it be this: make your ex feel comfortable. The more cushy you can make her feel, the more she’ll open up and enjoy herself. You don’t want her to come to see you in a standoffish, cautious, or sensitive mood.

Let the conversation flow naturally, and try not to talk about anything serious. Definitely don’t mention the break up. Ask about work, school, home and family. Tell her what you’ve been up to, and put a positive spin on everything. Be humorous, and let your ex relax. If she’s comfortable doing the talking, let her do most of it. If she’s shy, try to gently pull her out of her shell. How this date goes will determine whether or not you’ll get another one. In trying to get your girlfriend back, you need to stir up some of those old romantic feelings she once had for you.

Asking yourself the question how do I win back my ex girlfriend is a great beginning, but you need to follow through. Your chances of getting back your ex will always be greatest when you’ve got a well-laid plan for success. Mapping out the steps you’ll take to win her back could require some doing, but the advanced planning will help you on the path to fixing your break up. And knowledge is key when it comes to understanding what to say or do. The more you know, the better off you always are.

There are 8 individual Steps you can use to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend. Be sure to check them out, and find out what your Breakup Opening Moves should be!

Guest Blog Post: Brittany
find girlfriend
Image by ShutterRunner
Today is a very special day on the blog. I am very pleased to introduce the first ever guest blog post: Brittany. I will keep her introduction short, because as you are about to find out, her writing skills put mine to shame. Brit and I just got back from a nine day european vacation. In addition to the recent europe pics, Brit has tagged along on many of my adventures. Without further ado…

Let me begin by confessing, I am by no means a photographer. I may spend a lot of time with one, but unfortunately, I really haven’t absorbed anything he has tried to teach me. Honestly, ask me about white balance or bracketing or ISO settings, and you’ll get nothing from me other than an expression of complete and utter bewilderment. However, having been beside our beloved ShutterRunner during many of his recent travels, I have come to truly appreciate the complexity of producing a great photograph. And let me stress, it can be an exceedingly taxing process. Not only does the photographer have to find the perfect moment to capture, but he then must set up his tripod, choose the right lens, find the appropriate settings on the camera, and manage to avoid hundreds of pesky tourists, all while trying not to bore his photographically challenged girlfriend on their first European adventure (well maybe that last one is unique to ShutterRunner). In my eyes, however, the greatest challenge a photographer faces in executing his craft is managing to preserve a moment while still remaining an active participant in that moment. Essentially, the difficulty lies in simultaneously preserving and experiencing the moment sought to be captured. Some distance between an individual and his experiences is undoubtedly created when he inserts a camera between himself and his surroundings. He risks becoming an outsider, someone who misses the magic unique to a singular moment in time that cannot and will not ever be recreated in the exact same manner. For these reasons, I did not take a single photograph when I studied abroad in Paris in late 2007. Despite the undeniably beauty of my surroundings and the millions of photo opportunities before me, I refused to be like the rest of my classmates, trapped behind their cameras, seeing the world through their lenses rather than their own eyes. I wanted to live each moment of my life in Paris without placing a shield between myself and those moments I knew I would never have the chance to relive. And in that regard, I very much succeeded. After three months, however, I was slightly saddened to come home with nothing but my memories. To this day, I truly regret my decision not to memorialize my experience in any tangible way.

Having recently been afforded the opportunity to go back to Paris, I wanted to do things differently this time around. And as luck would have it, I had an amazing photographer by my side to capture all of my new Parisian memories. Don’t get me wrong though, I did not want this trip to become a picture taking free for all. I knew well enough from my first experience that falling into extremes is not the ideal avenue to pursue. Instead, we sought to strike a balance between preserving our memories and living each moment to the fullest. Whether it was snapping a million pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and then sitting down to enjoy a picnic on the nearby lawns or it was sneakily snapping some shots in the Sacre-Coeur and then taking a seat on les escaliers de la butte while enjoying some beers and live music, we were able to successfully overcome the challenges of simultaneously preserving and experiencing each moment of our trip. Finding this ideal balance guarantees the best possible outcome: unbelievable memories and breathtaking pictures (like the one right below)!

From the photoblog at www.shutterrunner.com.

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