Stop Fighting With Your Girlfriend – These Steps Show The Way!

If you’ve been a relationship for more than a week or so, you’ve learned that it’s normal to have disagreements from time to time. If those disagreements are occupying the bulk of your time together, though, that’s a problem that you need to deal with together. The ideas and opinions that make you unique aren’t always going to be identical with hers. Don’t try to stop disagreements, but if you’ve noticed a trend toward every disagreement resulting in a fight, you need to take action. Remember that this is a relationship built on mutual love, and if you can overcome this problem together, you’ll strengthen that relationship. These are the steps to follow if you’d like to stop the constant fighting with your girlfriend:

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 1: Talk calmly. What’s the point of shouting at each other? Do either of you have a hearing problem? When you’re talking about your differences, the key word is “talking.” Keep in mind also that yelling and shouting can lead to such violent behavior as throwing and breaking things.

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 2: You need to understand what you’re really fighting about. If you;re experiencing a string of fights, one after another, it might not be many fights, but one long fight stretched out. A fight is resolved when you find the underlying issues and deal with them.

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 3: Take a short break from each other. When you find out about a problem, instead of going at it hammer and tongs, take a break so that you each can cool off and give the matter some serious thought. So when you feel a fight’s about to start, take a break and spend a few hours apart before sitting down to talk it over. Instead of fighting, take a break to cool off and think about it. Frankly, is this disagreement worth fighting over? Could it be that you’re each using the fight as a way of hurting each others’ feelings?

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 4: Remember, this is the woman you love. When she expresses her thoughts and opinions, listen carefully. Remember that you’re working together to solve a problem, not beat each other up. Respect the things that make you different and be patient with each other’s shortcomings. Don’t judge each other, but be honest at all times. Respecting each other, then, is a critical component of your campaign to end the fighting.

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 5: You don’t need to win! The two of you simply may continue to disagree. You can move on without coming to agreement – just acknowledge it together. The important thing is this – if you don’t agree with some of your girlfriend’s opinions and beliefs, you must respect them.

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 6: You must each acknowledge your own mistakes, and freely forgive each other for them. When you admit your own mistakes, you’re expecting that she’s going to forgive you for them – so you have to forgive her for her mistakes as well. Being able to forgive will strengthen your relationship. One of the keys to stopping the trend of fighting with your girlfriend, then, is to make certain to forgive each other whenever you do fight. Telling her that you’re sorry won’t be hard if you remember why you love her.

Stop Fighting with Your Girlfriend Step 7: If it’s still not working, then it’s time to seek outside help. If the time comes that you realize you can’t solve the problem on your own, go ahead and look for help from a qualified third party. If the two of you working together can’t come to a resolution, it may be that you need the benefit of another perspective. There are many qualified people who can help you – psychologists, counselors and clergy, to name a few. You problem will probably be solved with their help.

The routine bickering and fighting with your girlfriend will pretty much end once you’ve followed these 7 steps. You’ll still have disagreements now and then. That’s normal. How the two of you handle your disagreements is far more important.

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