How Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back After Telling Me She Needs Some Space

How can I get my ex girlfriend back when she needs space? Probably the biggest question guys ask themselves, especially with women-led breakups, because most involve something to do with needing more space. If she is telling you she needs more space in the relationship, she is indirectly telling you she is unhappy with the relationship. This is a common answer given during a breakup, and is usually used to avoid speaking about what is really going on.

When a girl, unfortunately, says she wants space and decides to end the relationship, she is often saying she does not want to be with you, and really does not want to expend the effort to help you understand what’s going on in her mind.

Something is usually wrong in the relationship when a woman asks for space. Rather than help you figure out the issues and get the relationship back on track, they would rather walk. If you ever find yourself asking “how can I get my ex girlfriend back when she needs space?” this is a positive indication that you want to make things better in the relationship and that you still have hope.

It is a pretty clear cut indication that the communication between you has broken down if she needs space. You need to get into her mind and find out what is really bothering her, if you sincerely want to get the relationship working again. Often, this becomes difficult because for whatever reason, she has shut you out, but if you persist you will figure it out. With so many guys asking “how can I get my ex girlfriend back when she needs space?”, it appears to be a common phenomenon and it does have a solution.

If you are trying to rekindle your relationship with your ex girlfriend who is telling you she needs space, just find a way to communicate with her. She will often just be using the needing space story to let you know something is wrong with your relationship with her, and if she will not talk about it, it has to be addressed eventually. Just give her gentle hints you want to still be with her.

Just simply offer to remain a friend and offer companionship, and see how she responds to that. Do not force yourself on her. When she gets comfortable with this friendship, just start slightly inquiring about what went wrong in the relationship; subtle hints are all you need in your conversation with her to find out.

She will open up on her own time, when she is good and ready. Never rush or force things, just use a slow and easy approach and let her find the best way to say what happened. Once the issues are exposed, this gives you the opportunity to resolve them and you get your ex girlfriend back.
Once you feel loved again, you will be glad you made the effort. Even more effective tips when you Visit these links (Authors Bio section) below.

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ok so im doing something a little different tonight. my girlfriend write this little tid bit about music which ive recently been trying to learn more about. i thought i would post it for the rest of you to read and enjoy =).

I can’t play the piano, or create music on it or for it. So instead I’m creating my music here. This blank page is my piano and my words are my music. The intensity I want you to feel when you read certain parts of my song comes from how fast I type these words just like how fast or slow the piano plays. You wont know it though, you wont know when I was typing fast or slow, but you will feel the intensity I felt when you read it, if I’m conveying my thoughts the right way. Whatever I hear, I’m creating something right on this page, only in words. Writing is like a song, there’s a lead up a climax and an ending. Writing to music makes whatever your writing like the mood of the song your listening to. At slow parts you slow down you think, the intensity builds back up in the song and your brain has had its time to think and rest and all of the sudden your thoughts are front and center again. It’s the same as when your listening to music you move to the song and at the slow part you take time to take it in. When the intensity rises again you start to move, since you have already collected your thoughts about what that song has been meaning to you. It’s the same with writing as it is the same with life. There are moments when everything is on such high gear, everything is intense your moving and moving emotionally, physically, mentally. The mood is on edge there’s no time to even think about what your doing. Then comes the slow down, that time where it’s as if your car is running at 60 mph and hit’s a big puddle. Suddenly all that intensity in your life has come to a halt, now is the time to take in all you have learned, now is the time to make sense of all your life has become and is becoming. At this point your not really moving, mentally, physically, or emotionally. Your floating, taking it all in, at this point there’s not much you feel like you can do or ever will be able to do. But just like a great song, that slow down once again has that build up. All that time you had to reflect on who you are, who you were and what you are becoming is going to come in handy, because once again your going to move, that slow part comes in good use because now at this point in the song you know what’s going to happen you know in a great song the greatest part is towards the end so that you’ll remember it. That’s what you want for you life, after that slow down you want to have the intensity of the last stretch so good so that at the end you’ll want to remember it, and other people will remember it all. Not all people appreciate a great song, some like ones that are carbon copied and made in a day for the money. In a song like that you can’t truly connect to the build up, the slow down, the peak and the break down. A song like that is made for you to hear, but not to listen, and not to feel, what it’s really made for is money. which increases power. Again this is how people live their lives, carbon copied. The substance isn’t there, all these people care about is what is in front of them, they don’t take the time to let their lives build up and they sure don’t take the time to slow down. And when they don’t slow down they cant really reflect on who they are in they’re soul. In return their lives become about the next check, and any way to become more powerful over the rest. In a life like this as in a song like this, what is there to remember in the last stretch, will it be remembered in the end at all. Life should be lived like a great song is written, and preformed. Maybe that’s why great music comes from people who have great minds, because they know how to live their life. Since the dawn of any structured form of civilization man has been creating music. It lives in us, and people who know how to truly live know how to create music in it’s purest form, because it lives in us. If you know how to live purely then so when you make music it reflects that. It almost feels as if music is a living creature itself, we live through it and it lives through us. If you can harness your own life, you can harness the music. The truth comes from august rush, when he said “ the music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.” The reason that’s true is because we take music from our own lives. I think music is something that is so diversified and so easily relatable and something that you can so greatly feel with every fiber you have, because that’s what it is and that’s where it comes from. People say music is their life, well because it is. It’s something that comes from somewhere inside of someone out of nowhere. It can be related to all art forms and most importantly the journey of life itself. Every art form and self expression is equally important to each other because they all connect together, they all live inside of each person and personify life and the soul, the shitty ones most of the time coming from lost people. The great ones coming from lost people who are trying to find their way. Because were all lost in a way and always will be. The journey is never ending and self expression in any form is there to light the path even, if it’s a little bit dim. Everyone’s life is song good, or bad. They just have to learn how to play it.

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