Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Are You Pushing Her Away?

To increase your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back you have to play it smart. And it’s important for you to understand that some of things you are doing right now to win her back, even with the best of intentions, may actually be pushing her further away from you instead.

Now is the time to step back and take a look at the way you have been handling the situation up to now. Are you letting your emotions run away with you and keep you from thinking clearly? This is only going to make it worse and you will dig yourself into a deeper hole.

When the woman you really love and want in your life leaves you may start to panic. Your brain cells turn off and the heart takes over. So why do we feel so crazy when it comes love? The panic you’re feeling comes from the immediate loss of control you think you are experiencing – one minute all was right with the world and you and your girlfriend were together and the next minute you find yourself thrown into a world of unknowns. Even if you weren’t completely happy in the relationship, at least it was familiar. So you feel like your need to do something to regain that feeling of control and this can lead to desperation.

This feeling of desperation can cause you to exhibit the push away behaviors that make it much harder to get your ex girlfriend back. If you are arguing with her about wanting to break up or being angry with her for leaving, you will only widen the gap that’s already opened between you.

And every time you plead and beg with your girlfriend to come back to you it will only drive her further away. Even if you think that if she knew how much you love her and want her she would come rushing back into your open arms, you could find that you have pushed your ex girlfriend into the open arms of another man instead.

You must understand that you just cannot attract your girlfriend back when you are being depressed, angry or extremely needy!

Or perhaps you are thinking that you must do something soon because if you don’t show your ex girlfriend how much you care right now it might be too late to ever get her back. The truth is this will cause her to feel even more angry and alienated.

You really need to take a break and get a handle on your emotions, and start to get your head clear and become rational again. A brief cooling off period will give you and your ex girlfriend space to breath and take a look at what went wrong in the relationship, and it will be much easier to begin communicating effectively after there has been some time and distance between you both.

Even if you find that you have been making some big mistakes it’s never too late; so remember, time to take that step back and give yourself a break. Use this cooling off period to pull yourself together and learn a much SMARTER way of getting your ex girlfriend back!

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