Get Your Girlfriend Back – 4 Reasons Why She Won’t Take You Back

Breaking up with your girlfriend is NOT expected to be an easy thing for any man to have to endure. There is pain and hurt there. Any man that says that there is not, either didn’t really want to be with her, or he is just trying to save face. When you go through a relationship turmoil like a breakup with your girlfriend, you want to get her back more than anything else. You assume that getting her back will make everything a little bit better, a little more enjoyable.

And you are probably RIGHT.

That doesn’t mean that you will be able to get your girlfriend back as quickly as you can snap your fingers. And there really are no guarantees that she will take you back. However, there are little “tricks” that you can use to make her want to come back to you. There are little things that you can do to make her think about you and want to be in YOUR arms again.

There are also reasons WHY she won’t take you back and you DO want to pay attention to these, cause if you don’t, then you are sure to find yourself LOST without your girlfriend in YOUR life.

Here are 4 VERY common reasons why she might not take you back.

1. You hurt her too much and for too long.

Some guys just don’t get it and they keep on treating their girlfriend the WRONG way and then they expect to be able to work a little magic and make her take them back. Too many times and she will not come back to you. Of course, if you are not the kind of guy that constantly put your girlfriend through a lot, then you CAN get her back.

2. You immediately turn into a basket case and she sees this.

If breaking up with your girlfriend makes you become the kind of guy that drops to his knees and BEGS his girlfriend to come back, you might as well pick yourself back up and walk away without looking back. You want her to want to be with you, and a woman is not exactly turned on by a man that begs and grovels in front of her.

3. You chase after her and try to be in contact with her ALL of the time.

This is very common and it IS a BIG mistake. If you chase after your ex-girlfriend and try to phone her, text her, and do anything you can to stay in contact with her, then she is going to want to RUN from you and I wouldn’t blame her at all. Becoming annoying and nuisance to your ex-girlfriend is about the easiest way to guarantee that she WON’T want you back.

4. You fail to create a REAL plan of ACTION to get your girlfriend back.

If you want to really succeed at getting back with your girlfriend, then you have to be a man of action. Of course, it has to be the RIGHT actions and you have to do POSITIVE things to get your girlfriend back. With the right plan of action, you can easily FLIP the situation and be back with your girlfriend in no time at all!

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The Personality Splits
find girlfriend
Image by id-iom
Sometimes, just sometimes mind, I feel like there are many different versions of me in my head which are all trying to have their say. Luckily I can usually bitch slap them down and gain control in a second or two but this poor dear has no such luck. She’s stuck with her multiple belligerent personalities nearly all day everyday and it is driving her close to madness. She is graced with an astounding beauty though so many men think that she is unbelievably amazing and that she should be their girlfriend. Unfortunately most men just can’t handle those levels of craziness but if any of them had looked upon the Maskell-Williams sexy/crazy scale then they would have found out that it just wasn’t going to work out…



Title: The Personality Splits
Materials: Acrylic, paint pen and charcoal
Size: A2

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