Ex Girlfriend Advice That Will Make Her Come Back to You

Have you just gone through a break up that leaves you without an ex girlfriend? Advice from your friends or family on how to get her back is almost non existant, because most people will tell you that you should just move on. Don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you about some useful tricks that will actually make your girlfriend want you back.

Don’t focus too much of your attention on trying to figure out the perfect magic words to say to your ex girlfriend, because the truth is that if you get your ex girlfriend back, your words will have very little to do with it. Did any one thing you said in particular make your girlfriend leave you? It stands to reason, then, that no one thing you can possibly say will bring her back, right?

Your girlfriend left you because as your relationship aged, she became less and less attracted to you. This is very common, and the reasons for this are outside the scope of this article, but let it be known that you CAN make her attracted to you again. Remember how you got her to fall for you in the beginning? You can do it again. This time, it will be a little bit different.

What I’m about to tell you may sound harder than it really is. To make your girlfriend become attracted to you again, you’re going to have to learn to understand her feminine psychology. It’s really more simple than it sounds, because psychology isn’t really all that complicated. It’s just overcomplicated by professors who want to make you think they’re smarter than you.

Basically, it works like this: attraction is entirely based on what’s going on in the brain. Therefore, if you can learn to control the psychological mechanisms which trigger attraction, then you can turn your girlfriend’s attraction for you up or down like a volume knob! I’m deadly serious.

Before you judge me as some sort of demonic, manipulative man, allow me to explain myself. I find that those who will do whatever it takes to get their ex girlfriend back are also usually the ones that care a lot about their ex girlfriends and will treat them well once they get them back. This is probably the case with you — you most likely just don’t want her to end up in some other guy’s arms (or bed).

And the truth is, using psychology to make your girlfriend attracted to you all over again is often the only reliable way to make sure that you end up with her again. When the two of you are happy in each others arms again, do you think she’ll care about what sneaky techniques you used to make her come back? No, she won’t. That’s my advice for how to handle this situation with your ex girlfriend; take it as you will.

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Stranger Portrait Chalenge 002 Masashi & Azusa
find girlfriend
Image by The Urban Scot
I ventured into town yesterday as it was reasonably bright although a bit chilly and I’m finding winter in the UK to be far less fun for shooting portraits this year so wanted to try to capitalise on the reasonable weather.

In the end I found myself clacking direction until I bumped into a fellow street photographer whom I know and we got chatting. This gave me the vibe I needed to get back on it and we talked about the next set being in mini sets, I had a crazy idea to make the first 5 portraits in the same location o headed back to where I shot stranger 1 (Joe) and took two more sets of shots.

Just before this shot I took one of a girl with amazing hair but the feeling wash;t in the shot so i will upload it later but it will not be in the project. I found at 1.2 a few of my shots weren’t focused spot on but I was pleased with this one having Azusa sharp with her contact with the camera.

This couple walk past me and I chased them and asked them to come with me for the photograph, which involved heading down a small alley and a set of steps to this location. They just went with it and didn’t question my crazy idea. Masashi and his girlfriend are students in Nottingham and come from Japan.
Afterwards I gave them my card and I had an email from Masashi thanking me for taking the pictures and explaining how much he enjoyed it. I then had another meal later on after he had seen my images online telling that was very complimentary and this made me smile – a good start to the portraits of 2014!

Thanks Masashi and Azusa for your participation and time.

To see more of my portraits sand keep up to date follow me on Facebook at my [UrbanScot] Photography page.

Inspired to take portraits of strangers? Check out the wonderful work of the other contributors to the 100 Strangers Group on flickr!

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